Chain Degreaser Machine (Bob Embleton)

I finally got round to trying the Chain Degreaser Machine!

I normally just use a degreaser spray and an old rag to clean my chain, which I’m afraid to say isn’t very often , so trying the machine was a novelty to me.

I got the hang of fitting the Chain Degreaser Machine on the chain, it was a bit fiddley at first, but I had to hold it on with one hand and turn the crank with the other.

I was surprised to see exactly how much muck and grease was on my chain after using the machine, the solution was black bright which I changed twice.

The machine was easy to strip down and clean afterwards which is a good thing as it saves time -more time for bike riding rather than cleaning!

It’s now safely put away in my toolbox waiting for the next time … the only problem I’ve got is finding a shop that sells the degreaser solution!

I feel like a real bike mechanic with all the good pieces of kit Weldtite keep sending me.