Chain Degreaser Machine (Chris Walker)

I have used the Chain Degreaser Machine after a muddy ride on Sunday and can report that it is excellent.

It was a bit fiddly to get the hang of at first, but once I got the knack, it was brilliant. I really like the fact that I did not have to remove my chain from the bike in order to give it a thorough clean like I normally do.

Because I do not pedal so much using my downhill bike, chain maintenance is normally not my priority – I generally pay more attention to suspension and brakes so I’m glad that I can clean my chain quickly and easily now.

After the clean I used some GT-85 to displace water and then reapplied the TF2 lube I reviewed earlier in the year which has also become a firm favourite of mine allowing good chain life, smooth shifting and now easy cleaning.

Overall a brilliant bit of kit which seems hard wearing and should last a few years, would recommend!