Chain Degreaser Machine (Grant Hill)

The Weldtite chain degreaser set comprises of the chain degreaser machine itself and a 75 ml bottle of Dirtwash citrus degreaser. There are a number of chain degreaser machines on the market, but there are a couple of clever little features on this model that make it stand out a little.

Firstly, the 'hook' arm pivots such that it sits round the back of your rear mech, holding the machine in place. Secondly, the degreaser reservoir at the top has a little spring-loaded plunger to control application. This means that you can let all of the degreaser out at once for truly filthy chains, or have a drop-by-drop control when needed.

In my testing, it did a great job of making my chain look almost like new, even after a number of rides in terrible conditions and using thick winter chain lube. By filling the reservoir with clean water I was also able to remove all the degreaser from the chain when I was finished. Any areas for improvement? Well, I suppose it would be nice to be able to buy some replacement brushes for the cleaner, but that's about it.