Chain Degreaser Machine (Jamie Robinson)

Well on first consideration of the Weldtite Chain Degreaser Machine it would appear just the same as any other chain cleaning system. But that is the only time that you will think that. On further inspection, the Weldtite Chain Degreaser is a different kettle of fish. Someone had taken all of the down parts of other popular chain cleaning systems and come up with original and innovative ways to remedy them.

For example, the handy arm that slings over your rear mech and gives you a spare hand and the reservoir system is a very good idea to again save you from doing too much at once.

This system like all the others does have its downfalls however, this one does appear to give the better results.

However, whilst I appreciate that these gadgets are brilliant for those who like to have to have all the gadgets, for the old fashioned bike mechanic that is happy to use a cloth and some degreaser/chain cleaner, I doubt they will be enamoured with this product. As whilst it does have all the extra features to make easier to use, it doesn’t get much simpler than a cloth and some degreaser.