Chain Degreaser Machine (Jari-Matti Auttila)

First of all, I'm not a big fan of these chain cleaning devices. I've have had two earlier, one was cheap and one was more expensive, but neither of them worked well enough.

Then this piece arrived. So I lifted the bike to the stand, attached the Chain Degreaser Machine to the chain. The locking mechanism arm also acts as an anchor, which was really nice! Now two hands are available to use the device. It should have been put a bit further up than in the picture, but with my derailleur I found this to be the best position.

Then I applied the cleaning fluid to the reservoir, started backpedalling while pushing that red button. And I didn't panic. Instead I was pleasantly surprised! Quite quickly the device scrubbed every part of the chain clean, and the dirt was dropping to the bottom of the machine. Rotating was easy; the device didn't get stuck at any time. The instructions stated that one should use 50 ml of the degreaser at a time. That is much less than in the other cleaners I've used, so the environmental point of view is also present here! Also, I put that 50 ml there, but used only about 25ml. There is a nice level in the reservoir for seeing the correct amount of degreaser.

Compared to the other cleaning devices I had, the brushes in this machine are very delicate; they clean the chain much better. When the chain goes through the machine, it is covered with foam, which I guess works to remove the dirt even while not inside the device.

Just a few rounds through the machine was enough. The chain was sparkling clean! And easy. Let it be the excellent brushes, or way better degreaser, but the conclusion is that this device works. The time to clean the chain is about five minutes, from start to finish, including rinsing. Which, by the way, can also be done with this device, and it helps a lot during the winter. When it is below zero outside, the chain must be removed and taken inside, because it can't be throughly rinsed. Now I can wash and rinse the chain in the garage, without spilling a drop.

I like this. I think I'll have to adjust my attitude towards chain cleaning devices.