Chain Degreaser Machine (Martin Pounder)

I have been using the Weldtite chain degreaser machine for over a season at events from Bike Radar to Mountain Mayhem. The machine is very easy to use, and with a little practice, easy to fit. I have found the device works well on slightly soiled chains as a hands free device, but when working with heavily matted chains, it is worth holding the device as you turn the chain through.

Application of the degreaser is simple, via the touch of a button, and the results are always, as expected from a Weldtite product. Once I have run the chain through the degreaser, I tend to top the reservoir up with got water to rinse through the chain and the brushes, prior to removing the system. I them towel dry the chain, and apply performance lube to the chain and jockey wheels. This keeps your bike running smooth till the next outing. Another great Weldtite product.