Chain Degreaser Machine (Sandra Green)

I pride myself on a clean drivetrain on my bike and use a stiff brush that is for drivetrain only and give it a good scrub when the bike gets cleaned. I thought that the chain scrubber would not have much impact on my chain! How wrong was I?

After setting up the machine on my chain, I dropped degreaser through to lower reservoir - holding the chain scrubber in my left hand, I cranked the pedals round with my right, the chain instantly started to foam up and stripped the dirt off before my eyes.

I ran it for about 2 minutes then took it off and hosed off my chain and it was really back to new. Quick rinse under the tap and the chain scrubber was all cleaned ready for next time. With drivetrain being expensive kit it makes sense to prolong its life and that's what the chain scrubber does with ease. Great product. A must have!