Chain Degreaser Machine (Sean Perry)

My old chain cleaner was bought in Decathlon, and was the only model they had. A compressed can sprays a foam in through the top, and a small lever keeps the chain cleaner on place whilst the other hand is used to rotate the pedals. It's never given any pleasing results, the chain always looked black and dirty, pretty much the same as when it started.

First thing that is really different from any other chain cleaning device I've ever owned, and that is the clever little arm, which serves two purposes. Firstly, it holds the device together when not in use, and secondly, frees up a hand when cleaning your chain. You simply split the two halves by swinging the arm around, place one part under your chain and place the other on top, hook back together at one end before closing,  hold closed, rotate the arm around to close firmly shut and hook onto your mech as shown below.

You then put a little degreaser (a little mind!), and press the red button to release a little at a time onto the clever little brushes, then pass the chain through and watch the dirt drop into the bottom of the reservoir.

The first time I used it I did manage to get the machine to jump off the mech by rotating my pedals forwards not backwards. Like most men I tend to just use things and rarely read the instructions (plus the print on the box was too small for me to read without glasses). It does say rotate backwards (I know that now....), but word of warning, like most things made of plastic it's not designed to be dropped onto a concrete floor. The very small blow up diagram on the packaging wasn't much help reassembling it, but thankfully it's fairly idiot proof to put back together

However, that little mishap aside this beauty way outperforms any other chain cleaner I've ever used. Okay, it's not the same as removing your chain and giving it an overnight bath in degreaser, but with this you don't have to remove your chain, and the results are outstanding.