Chain Degreaser Machine (Steve Air)

My machine has had a lot of use! I have used it mostly after my cyclo-cross racing and night rides in muddy wet forests! As one of the Weldtite (weekend) warriors race team I already use the excellent lubes. I have not had one rear mech or chain suck issue in all the races I’ve done, including the mudfest of Mountain mayhem. The mud slider is me!


Now normally I remove my chain, drop it in a degreaser scrub it toothbrush styley and then lube it up, then refit it to bike. Perhaps adding some lube once on. This does involve faff and care to not whip-scratch the frame etc. while removing the chain.


Enter the chain cleaning machine and degreaser! 


The clever way the wheel brushes rotate opposite ways is fab. This must make a difference as previous machines I’ve used (a while ago) never cleaned like this one. Hence why I’ve taken my chain off for donkey’s years!


The ease of fixing the cleaning body around the chain is simplicity itself, split the two halves, hook back together, hold closed, rotate the arm around and hook onto your mech.  The first time I used it I probably used a bit too much degreaser in the reservoir as I didn’t need all of it. As you draw the chain through the machine the brushes whip up a great cleaning foam, which follows the chain around, cleaning other bits of your drive train as it goes!


A fair amount (most) of the dirty degreaser collects in the bottom of the machine for you to dispose of, any that drips off from the chain etc outside of the machine obviously just wipes up. Usually cleaning your floor too!


The usual thing to do next is to rinse off the degreaser and lube your now sparkling chain. If you get in the habit of whipping you chain through this quick simple neat machine your chain won’t have chance to deteriorate. A clean lubed chain lasts an age longer.


I also rinsed my chain using the machine with water running thru the top reservoir as I pulled the chain through as you do for cleaning. If the bike isn’t cacked up, this saves the cassette and hub (bearings) getting a soaking while rinsing. You won’t do this all the time, but curiosity got me to try it!


One handy addition I used was a small tie-wrap around the red handle and my derailleur cage just to hold my machine a little steadier when I was doing a particularly dirty chain clean up, I was able to re-fill the degreaser reservoir easier with a free hand.