Chain Degreaser Machine (Steven Green)

In the past I've had a couple of chain cleaning devices of varying quality and varying degrees of cleaning results. The first one was similar to this Weldtite Product i.e it fitted to the chain and cleaned it whilst the chain ran through a solvent filled 'bath' however after 2-3 revolutions the chain was being washed in contaminated white spirit/meths/turps so it didn't really clean the chain.  More recently I bought one that was attached to the top of an aerosol can that needed 3 hands to operate and sprayed the cleaner and washed off oil onto the brake discs and pads.

The Degreaser Machine is a success in several ways, simplicity in use, and a well-constructed device that actually does the job it was designed to do. The major advantage is that the cleaning fluid cleans from above and sits at the bottom, away from the newly cleaned chain so there is no contamination of newly cleaned chain or brake pads/discs. 

And for those cycling ninjas out there who use fixed gear-single speed bikes this will also work on your 'push-iron' too as, unlike some devices, the chain runs through the cleaner and isn't forced through brushes whilst it’s being cleaned... The only drawback is which chain lube to use after!