Chain Degreaser Machine (Tom Downie)

Top mars for performance although I'm not completely convinced about durability and ease of use. I've had a Barbieri chain cleaner for two years so I can compare it to that. I've found the Weldtite Chain Degreasing Machine very effective at cleaning the chain.

The array of brushes are effective at removing crud and gummed up wet lube in no time at all. More simple chain cleaners like the Barbieri aren't good at cleaning the side plates, as they have no side brushes like the Weldtite machine.

I haven't found the machine completely straight forward to use. It's a little bit fiddly to clamp the machine onto the chain and lock it down, and then adding the degreaser takes a bit of care through the small opening. I found in use the machine needs to be held in place otherwise it pops off. The Barbieri machine is much easier to clamp on seems to stay put.

The second concern I have is durability. When the machine came off and hit the floor it cracked, although it's still perfectly usable. I'm also concerned that longer term the two small tabs that hold the top half and the bottom half are likely to break. The Barbieri cleaner is made of a tough, slightly flexible plastic so it's nigh on indestructible.

So I think this is very effective at cleaning the chain - it gets the chain spotless. However, I think the operation could be refined and the durability improved to make it perfect.