Cycle Tubeless Tyre Outside Repair Kit (Tom Downie)

My tubeless tyres with sealant normally get on with fixing punctures on their own. However, there are those times when no amount of sealant is going to do the job. A misjudged drainage ditch, a bit of flint or a big-rusty-nail-in-a-plank are all previous tyre killers for me. Up until now I’d put a tube in but this is messy and still leaves the problem of an expensive tyre with a worrying cut in it.

I had an old tyre with a cut in it that was due for the bin to test the kit out on. It had a 1cm cut between the tread that wouldn’t seal up just using the latex solution. The instructions for using the  kit were very simple. Clean the hole using the rasp (supplied), add some rubber solution, stuff a gunk covered thread into the hole, trim and done. It took less than five minutes from opening the box to finishing. Even though I had the luxury of a cup of tea and a workstand it would have been no problem to do on the trail and quicker than putting a tube in. The repair does look a bit messy initially, but I inflated it as soon as I’d finished and it held air. A quick spin on the bike and no problems so this really had done the job. Just to put it to the test, I took the bike to Glentress and rode the black, red and blue trails there. The tyre held up no problem, and the repair still looks solid despite the battering a back tyre takes on those trails. So already this kit has paid for itself as I can squeeze a few more months out of this tyre.

The only comments I have are about the packaging. I think the kit could be made more compact if the tools were more refinied. The stuff seems to rattle around the box too, so there must be some extra space in there. Overall a great product though, and definitely something that will be living in my Camelbak.