Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

After reading through the instructions I believe that any first time user shouldn't have any problem following them. Any experienced cyclist will know how to use it without the instructions. 

The tool itself seems much more rigid that the older one I have which makes it stronger. The plastic backing keeps it safe and it certainly won’t get bent.

I certainly would buy one, should I ever lose the two I now have, and have recommended it to friends and colleagues within the cycling community.

£5.99 seems a fairly reasonable price considering the cost of parts should the chain not be changed.

Personally I am very happy with mine and I see no reason to change anything on it. It is functional and simply does what it is supposed to do.

I work at races all over Europe with different teams so the first thing I do when I meet them is check the bikes over starting with the chain. This tool makes life so much easier for me and for that reason my rating would have to be 10/10.