Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

I think this is a great product that is often over looked by many cyclists. The product is very easy to use. I think the instructions provided are worth including because it saves people time looking up how to use it. If you are looking to reduce costs, waste and keep up to date with technology you could include a QR code on the packaging taking the user direct to the instructions online and include a video. 

This is the second chain checker I have used from cyclo, my first one was very thin and sharp. This one feels much more robust. At £5.99 I think that is a fair price. 

I like that it works with both 9 and 10 speed. 

I would like to see numbers on both sides of the tool and for the numbers to be black as it can be hard to see them if the light is shining on them. 

All in all a must for anyone that likes to keep their bike in top shape. It can save you a fortune on replacing a whole drive train. I would give it a 7/10.