Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Shelf appeal packaging

The packaging looks good. The black on red colour scheme helps it stand out. The perforated plastic backing gives it that workshop industrial feel which looks good. The quick user guide on the label is useful. However it would be nice to see something more recyclable like cardboard used for the packaging.

Have you used this product before

I have never used this product before but have used several chain wear indicators in the past.

Would you know how to use this product without instructions

I could use this product without instructions.

Are the instructions easy to follow.

The instructions are easy to follow. A link to maybe a video tutorial would be the only enhancement I could suggest.

Would you recommend it to your friends.

I would recommend it to my friends as it does the job well and is a good price.

Describe your experience of this product.

Once removed from the packaging the tool is easy to use. The labelling is clear and the tool has a robust feel to it. It seems accurate when compared to existing chain wear indicators I have and is a nice looking addition to the workshop.  

Value for Money

It seems in the middle of the competition price wise so no complaints with the pricing.


Looks, ease of use, instructions, etched labelling all add up to a good product.


No cons. It does what it says on the tin.

Overall rating

8 out of 10


Maybe keeping a page online with a set of links to where you can find the manufactures recommendations on what level of chain growth is acceptable would be useful. Shimano, Campag, SRAM and KMC would cover most of the use cases. An explanation as to how a stretched chain can eat away at your expensive drive train and affect your shifting might also be useful.