Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

The package was nice, sturdy plastic plate, which does not rip like carton packages when hung on the wall hook. I like it. Someone might say that plastic backplate is not very environmentally oriented, but it keeps the product in shape.

I've used this to four bikes now, and it is easy. Did it surpise me with outstanding quality? No, this is what I've used to expect from Cyclo tools.

First, the downsides of this product. Using it becomes quite expensive, because there are no excuses left anymore. It tells you that you are riding a worn chain, change it. Also, comparet to some competing products tha spikes in this are bit longer, and I found that if I put it in my pokcet, I had to do some work to get it out of there.

Next, the pro's: I like using it. Most of the chain wear tools are not as exact as this is. The printout explained how the device works, then again, it is quite easy to figure that out even witout the manual. Also, because of the wide body, it is easy and clean to use even with dirty chains! The values are clearly printed in the tool itself.

The RRP is 5.99 GBP. This is wee bit higher than with some competitors, but I own two competing products, and this is by far better. Overall rating for this product is 9/10 based on my experiences. I will be getting another of these for my tool box.