Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

In all my years riding/fixing bikes, I've never used a Chain Wear Indicator. So when I saw the new product to be reviewed I was rather interested.  On first inspection it looks to be well made and feels like a quality tool.

Following a 15 mile family ride the bikes needed washing and lubricating, an ideal time to check out this Cyclo Tool, and to see what’s what.

It IS dead simple to use, place one end on a chain roller, and let the other end drop into the chain, simplicity itself, to ONLY confusion arises from the dual markings, 75% and 100%, I must admit, I've never seen a "manufacturers acceptable level of elongation" on any chains I have purchased over the years, but I'll start looking from now. 

I'll start checking the chains condition on a more frequent basis, and it should save me some money, as a new chain causes less wear and tear on chain rings, sprockets and jockey wheels. 

At under £6, it’s bang on the money, I will recommend that you get hold of a Chain Wear Indicator. It'll pay for itself in the first year, as chain rings alone cost more that the £6 purchase price.

All in all, 9 out of 10, the only negative is the dual percentage markings.

Another Top Product From Weldtite.