Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

On first appearance this tool looks and feels sturdy and it is a reliable tool to tell if your bike's chain is worn off or still doing well and you can keep pedaling properly.

I used previously a chain wear indicator from another company but this one I seem to prefer due to the fact that the spikes on both ends seem to be more reliable and fit into the chain's spaces better and more neatly. It is definitely easy to have it on your tool board or take it with you anywhere. No fancy colors or design, just plain simple tool for practical reasons which I definitely like it that way.

The only 'negative' and I put this word in ‘ ‘ because it is not that much negative, is that if you tend to have it in your hoodie's pocket or in the backpack and is loose with everything else in there, it can either pop anything you got in the bag with those spikes or it is a little annoying to take it out as it will drag out from the bag anything that the spikes grab onto. A little box which it can close could be a better solution for those who want to take it with them for any sort of reason, like taking some tools to clean and do some maintenance to a friend's house their bike/bikes or just have it with you on your journeys when going out for some biking, just so it doesn't pokes around and sits neatly in a little box for practical reasons.

Other than that, it is an excellent simple tool that I certainly would recommend to any friend if they want to keep an eye on their bike's chain and be sure that it is still good to keep it on their bike for more rides.

Now on the part to answer the questions:

It is appealing both the tool and the packaging.

I have used a similar tool from another company but this seems better because of the longer/thinner spikes.

The manual sets it pretty simple and understandable but for any bike lover, the manual is not necessary since we know how to use this tool.

The current instructions are very easy the way they are. Couldn't be more clear than that.

The product is super easy to use.

Definitely I would buy it if I needed one and of course recommend it to friends.

My knowledge for this product is that it indicates whether or not the chain is worn by letting the spike touch the chain. If it falls in the gap then it has elongated and needs to be changed.

It’s value is ok. Could be slightly cheaper for such a tool as it is made for just one simple job. To measure the chain.

Pros and Cons are written above in my review.

Overall score I would put 9/10.

Probably for this price, this tool could be accompanied and be stored in a nice thin box so the spikes are not free all over the place if it is necessary to carry it anywhere with us.