Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

This is a really great piece of kit. When I took it out of the envelope  I was well impressed by the quality of workmanship. I hadn’t used one before but knew what it was straight away. I‘m one of those that try a thing first then read the instructions. The instructions are a sinch to follow although you don't really need them. The indicator beats  faffing about  with rulers,  it justs slots on the chain  and its  either  a yes or a no answer.

When I used the indicator it showed me that my chain  was getting close to the end of its life and not be long before I needed another.

This is a piece of kit everyone should have, it takes all the guess work out of chain wear  like I said I used to use a ruler. So Place it in your tool box and when your reach for a spanner and you grab the indictor by mistake just try it as it only takes a second.

When you buy this tool you’ll never be without one again and you’ll be checking your chain a lot more often now.

I showed my mates and they loved it so their now looking to get one each.

The price is really great value as its a lot cheaper than replacing a cassette or a front cog.

This piece of kit deserves a 9 out of 10.

Maybe if it had had a nail hole in it so it could be hung up that would of made it better.