Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Ooh, first test from Weldtite! Had I not been aware of what chain checkers are, my first thought when opening the package would have been ‘why have I been sent a massive toothpick’?

But it does what is supposed to do, its well presented, you can see at a glance what it is, so no messing around opening packets to have a look.

I have used a Park chain checker in the past, in a workshop, and I find this a lot simpler to use, you don’t need to be a shop mechanic to get the most out of it. I like that it has two simple ways of using it, for different tolerances. I would know how to use it without instructions, but that’s only because of previous experience.

It’s dead easy to use, it’s one of those things you think you don’t need, but then when you get one you wonder how you managed without it, a bit like a dishwasher!

Instructions were spot on, but then, I am a girl and ALWAYS read the instructions, the lads might have a problem though….after throwing them straight in the bin.

It clearly and quickly told me that the chain on my work bike, is knackered……..beyond salvaging, and no doubt the cassette, jockey wheels and front ring! I will be keeping a close eye on the other 4 bikes in the stable though!

I would recommend it, definitely, for the sake of changing your chain at the right time, it saves a fortune on a full drivetrain replacement!, and it's only 6 quid, come on, get one and stick it in your tool box!

Deffo got this one right, nothing to do to improve it from my view, its not the type of thing you would put in your trail kit, so weight is never going to be an issue…

It's easy to clean, and it actually encourages me to keep a clean chain, so its not a messy task to use it and to get the best measurement without the chain being gunked up!..... and being shiny, easy to find as well!!

I’d give this a 9!!