Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Shelf Appeal/Packaging

It’s a chain wear indicator not a diamond ring – therefore I think the simple plastic packaging is ideal and appealing enough for its purpose. So long as you can find somewhere neat and tidy to keep the instructions.

Have you used this product before?

No, but I have used other chain wear indicators. Most commonly I use a Park tools one (until now).

Would you know how to use this product without instructions?

Yes, pretty much although I might be questioning myself along the way so it’s good to have the instructions to reassure myself. I know from experience teaching bike mechanics that most people do not check their chains and wouldn’t know how too.

Are the Instructions easy to follow/could they be improved?

Yes, very simple and straightforward.

I note however that the small print at the top of the page states ‘These tools should only be used by a competent mechanic’ this is probably a necessary requirement for covering your own liability but it may put some people off who are more than capable of this very simple task.

Is the product easy to use?

It couldn’t be simpler.

Would you buy or recommend it to your friends?

I already have! On a recent ride which featured too many punctures followed by a snapped chain.

Describe your own knowledge/experience of this product:

I maintain a fleet of over 60 cycles. 15 of which are standard mountain bikes the rest are adapted cycles… but all of them have chains! I spent a morning chain checking with this tool. I checked all of the chains using the 1% wear indicator (although most of my chains are different) and found 13 of the bikes were due new chains, it turned out to be an expansive morning!

The tool itself performed perfectly, it has no moving parts and it’s never under any strain so I can’t see how it could ever fail without being really bashed around.

I made a point of checking some of the brand new chains at 0.75% and the indicator showed that there was no wear.

This is a great no nonsense tool which gives a clear result every time.

£5.99. Value for money?

You can’t get a lot for £6 nowadays so yes! It’s a small price to pay for avoiding a snapped chain and a long walk home.


I suspect if I threw it right, I could also use it as a deadly weapon!


I suspect if somebody else threw it right, they could also use it as a deadly weapon!

Overall Rating

9/10 I’ll give it a 10 if my instruction query is resolved.

Are there any other comments or suggestions you have to help us develop our products to suit customer needs better?

I’m still a bit hung up on what I said earlier regarding instructions and who this product is aimed at…

If you are aiming to sell this product exclusively to competent mechanics then great! It works brilliantly and the instructions are probably more than enough.

However, if I was a novice rider and I’d just started trying to maintain my own bike (as many do) the instructions may leave me a little confused. I would no doubt be able to use the indicator how you have suggested, but what next?

If my chain is not worn then am I okay to ride?

If my chain is worn do I need a new one right now? What will happen if I continue to ride with it? And what about my cassette?

If your target market is also the novice mechanics out there it might be good to include a very simple and brief explanation of what to do with the outcomes of this indicator.

A bit of positive guidance could be a good addition.