Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Welcome to the first product review of 2014.

A nice one to get the year underway, a chain checker is something that many people may underestimate the importance of, many of the bike magazines do try and review as many of them as they can throughout the year to get them in people toolboxes.

This example from Cyclo is a good one.

Nice and clear markings of wear percentage, good long insertion points for each side and a solid locating area for the chain link on both sides. A good quality tool.

Packaging wise all is well, nice shaped backing plate, clearly visible branding on the package and can easily be placed on a display case on a standard hanger.

Instructions included with the product explain its operation well thoroughly, even though it is a very simple product to use anyway as it is only a gauge rather than a way of actually measuring the chain.

Feels nice to use, there are slightly sharp edges around the part, this is an unfortunate side effect of the pressing procedure but it could be sorted with some deburring/buffing.

Value for money is good and around a similar price to the other pieces on the market at an RRP of £5.99.

There are a couple of areas where I could suggest improvement, first of all as i mentioned earlier there is the issue of slightly sharp feeling edges to the part, a run through a buffing machine with some coolant and deburring stones may be a cheap option for a mass produced part rather than each part being finished by hand.

Also it would be nice to see the 2 different ends of the part coloured to indicate the wear rate as well as the stamping/etching.

Amber/orange for 0.75% and red for 1.0%, as most people associate red with danger or problem. I don’t believe I have seen this type of setup available so it could be a U.S.P (unique selling point) for this product, as well as making chain checking a bit quicker with no need to read the actually number.

Apart from that I’m struggling to find negatives without being overly picky, the stamping or etching of the logo and percentages could be slightly deeper but that might not be something that would bother the consumer as the text is clearly visible. Some directional arrows to show which way to insert the tool into the chain so that instructions wouldn’t need to be included may also be an option, possibly etched onto the reverse side of the part?

Overall however this is another good tool from the Cyclo tools division. 8/10 is a fair rating for this item.