Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Shelf Appeal / Packaging

The packing is simple but looks OK and doesn’t waste materials with unnecessary layers. It would be good if the packaging would indicate if it’s recyclable or maybe use cardboard instead of plastic. The packaging has quite a bit more plastic in it than other tools I have bought recently. Just by chance I had a Bhaco punch and a Silverline spanner lying around and I would say their packaging is a bit more efficient and looks / feels a bit better quality.


Using the Product

The product is easy to use. The large “hook” makes it easy to get into the chain links. It’s less “fiddly” than the Park Tools one I already have.



The instructions are clear in describing how to measure 0.75% of 1% stretch. They don’t really explain what that means though. It would be good to have some explanation of the significance of the stretch or a link to online information that explains how / when to change the chain. The instructions just say “refer to manufacturer guide”. I guess 90+ % of people are using SRAM / Shimano / KMC chains so would it be possible to have a simple table with the manufacturers guidelines for their 8/9/10/11 speed chains?


Would I recommend it?

As far as a chain wear guide goes, it’s a good one and the price seems reasonable. I’m not totally sold on the chain wear principle in general, I’ve come to conclusion that running the whole lot into the ground is the most cost effective for me. I used the guide and both my MTBs are between 0.75% and 1% and my CX bike is off the scale but they all shift perfectly (all Shimano 10sp). I usually replace when the shifting gets worse or chainsuck starts. I guess I would probably recommend it for someone new to cycling who wanted to keep an eye on their drivechain and it’s not an expensive tool and looks like it’ll last a long time.


Overall Rating & Suggestions

7/10. Simple, effective and pretty cheap.