Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Shelf Appeal/Packaging


Packaging is labelled to state exactly what type of tool with a brief definition, therefore not confusing to buyer.

Packaging is plain and simple with hanger for easy display.

Silver tool against the black background catches the eye and buyer can immediately see the tool – no bulky packaging.



Cable ties are a little sharp upon handling the packaging.

Packaging does not state if recyclable.

Hanger has possible disadvantages for display due to other shoppers placing items in front of the tool.


Have you used this product before?



Would you know how to use this product without instruction?

No I wouldn’t.


Are the instructions easy to follow/could they be improved?

Instructions are easy to follow and I fully understood what I needed to do.

The font is a suitable size and all the numbered boxes correspond with the text.

May be alongside A state (good) and alongside B state (worn).

At first glance I misinterpreted this and thought that A was worn and B was good condition.

Recommended frequency to check chain.


Is the product easy to use?



Would you buy it or recommend it to a friend?



Describe your own knowledge/experience of this product:

I have only used this product since being asked to review the product.

I have checked all four bikes and found that the chain on my xc bike has worn and will need replacing shortly.


RRP £5.99. Value for money?

Good value for money.


Pros? What have we got right?

This product is lightweight and strong, it’s a nice size and an attractive product at a great price.


Cons? What can we do to improve?

Noticed that the product is rounded off (machined) on the front but could do with rounding off on the back too so if feels good/smooth to hold in the hand. The back does feel sharp when handling.

Instructions can be folded and placed behind fastenings that secure tool in place, on the back of the product packaging.


Overall rating out of 10

8/10 -  without back of product being machined smooth.


Are there any other comments or suggestions you have to help us develop our products to suit customer needs better?

Keep the packaging simple and to a minimum.

Keep product details labelled clearly on the packaging