Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

The packaging and shelf appeal of the Cyclo Tools Chain Wear Indicator for me is spot on. It lets you see exactly what you are getting, does a good job of protecting it and keeps the amount of packaging waste to a minimum which is always a good thing.

The tool itself is something I have always known I really should buy but never did get round to purchasing. In hindsight I wish I had bought one years ago as when I got this one I went to my garage and tried it on several chains. One of which was brand new and had only just been fitted and five chains which I have removed from my bikes having guessed they were dead. The new chain I tried this on obviously showed no wear at all but of the five old chains which I thought were past it only one actually was. Guess I was conscious of not letting a chain wear too much and ended up changing chains before they really were worn. If only I had bought a chain wear indicator years ago I would probably have saved myself a fortune over the years.

The instructions contained with the product were very easy to follow however I feel that if you are serious enough about bike maintenance to purchase one of these then you would instinctively know how to use it. Possibly all that is needed is an explanation of how to interpret the results of using the tool.

My one niggle with it is how it would last getting banged about in a tool box full of heavy tools, although it is very sturdy I feel that the curved ends that do the measuring may get bent which would not be good in such a precision tool. That said though I keep mine out of my tool box with all the heavy stuff in it and I fully expect it to last years.

The best designs are simple but functional and this chain wear indicator certainly ticks all those boxes. It could not be easier to use, it takes seconds and could potentially save you a lot of money in worn out components what is not to like about it being only £5.99.