Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

'I was just about to buy one of these, that is excellent timing'

Packaging is good, easy enough to get into, fits with a rugged workshop aesthetic, and also the backing card will stand up to shop floor abuse way better than the Park stuff. Potential downside, a bit dark and may not catch the eye so well.

Having used a few chain wear indicators in the past, I didn't pay too much attention to the instructions but they seem straight forward enough for a first time user. Plus it isn't the most complicated piece of equipment smile.

I must say, I was pleased to see that you have opted for the curved claw type design. I much prefer this to the Park type system as (although not especially accurate) it does allow for more degrees of wear indication. This helps considering the differing views out there in regard to at what stage various components should be replaced.

I think that I would give this tool an 8 out of 10. The price is right, and it does it's job just the way I like it. However I would ask for one improvement. The way in which is it pressed from sheet metal results in a burr on the back edge. It's nit-picking but if this were to be machined off, it would make the tool feel much nicer against the skin. A more premium feeling tool can easily command a more premium price - I would certainly not flinch at an RRP a couple of quid higher to cover the cost of this.

As it stands though, I would certainly spend my own money on this tool, and file off the edge myself.