Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Shelf appeal/packaging

For me the packaging is all it needs to be, the tool itself has an attractive finish and doesn’t, in my opinion need a great deal of packaging.

Have you used this product before?

No, not in my home tool kit. I’ve had my chain checked by my LBS before, but it is certainly a nice addition to my tool kit to be able to do the same at home.

Are the instructions easy to follow?

Yes, very clear diagrams and a short but concise description is all that is needed. I would like to see a quick reference of which of the major manufacturers of chains (Shimano, SRAM, KMC) use each reference of chain wear (0.75% & 1%).

Is the product easy to use?

Yes, brilliantly simple. To the point of wondering why I haven’t bought one in the past.

Would you buy it / recommend it?

Yes, absolutely. For anyone riding regularly and doing their own bike maintenance I would say this is a very useful tool to have.

Describe your own knowledge/experience:

For me it has taken the guess work out of drivetrain replacement, has saved me money and helped me maintain a more reliable bike. Specifically, this last weekend, I rode in the Dyfi Enduro, probably one of the longest, toughest rides I will do this year. All it took was a few seconds to check and find out that I needed a new chain the week before. A replacement was bought and my gears were slick and reliable throughout the ride. And rather than costing me three figures for a complete new drivetrain, it cost me £20 for a new chain. An immediate benefit.

Value for money?

Excellent value for money. Much cheaper than competitors. You would only need to replace one chain over a whole drivetrain to justify its cost.


Nice finish, clear labelling on tool. Even though it is a simple item it still feels well made. Great value.


Having a small reference of what chain wear level for what brand would be very helpful.

Overall rating