Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Shelf Appeal / Packaging

I didn't think much to the packaging design, pretty plain and unappealing, but then I guess the tool is pretty functional so it just served a purpose. I could have done with a simple bulleted description on what to do with the tool actually but I will come on to that.

Have you used this product before?

Never used one before or even seen one for that matter (Cyclo tools branded or otherwise).

Would you know how to use this product without instructions?

It is fairly obvious how to lay it on the chain, however after that, without the instructions, it isn't so obvious what you would do with the result. Just by laying the tool on the chain it doesn't tell you anything on its own. I suspect most people wouldn't know the manufacturer of their chain either so they would have to take away the findings and do some research.

Are the instructions easy to follow?

Yes very easy to follow, the diagrams help as well although that part is quite obvious I suppose.

Is the product easy to use?

Yes, very easy.

Would you buy it or recommend it to your friends?

Probably not, in reality most people will get their bike serviced at least once if not twice a year and so the chain would be checked by a mechanic anyway. Anyone who is in a cycling club will probably know a mechanic or will be friendly with their LBS and so they could probably get an honest opinion from a professional for free as well.

RRP £5.99 Value for money?

As a tool in it's own right given the material it is made from it doesn't seem a ridiculous expense. That said, if you have a standard Shimano chain that you can pick up for £10-£15 would you really want to spend half of that on a tool that will tell you if your chain is wearing? Also, if you drop your chain onto the big ring and the smallest gear on the cassette and pull on the chain at the front of the chain ring it pretty much tells you the same thing for free and you will have already saved half of the money you will need for a new chain!


Well built as are all Weldtite / Cyclo products, feels solid as a rock, easy to use.


Maybe a professional mechanic would use it as a quick guide if they are repairing a lot of bikes but your average Joe simply doesn't need one to check the wear on their chain.


Overall Rating?

It's difficult to say as it is really trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist for me, it would be the equivalent of a tool that tells me if my tyres or bar tape is worn. The quality of the tool is never in doubt but I just can't see people paying £5.99 for it. I would have to say 10/10 for the actual tool, 0/10 for the chance of me actually buying one.