Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Having never owned or used a chain wear indicator myself, this tool actually makes a decent addition to my tool box. As one of those things that you always mean to buy but its the last thing on the list. I used to work on the basis that if my chain snapped it was time to get a new one, which was to my detriment on a number of occasions. Although since I started racing, it makes sense to check the wear of the chain as if my chain snapped 3 ft from the take off of a large gap, I am pretty sure I would be eating dirt rather spectacularly. 

So get a chain checker! 

And now for the specifics, my thoughts on the Cyclo tools chain wear indicator are as follows: 

The packaging is rather plain but if I am perfectly honest, bright colour's etc. aren't for tools. This is one of those things that you will go out to get rather than seeing it in the shop and thinking I really need one of those! 

Once you have this product in hand it is pretty obvious for anyone to realise what to do with it. It is clearly marked to show you how worn the chain is and its pretty clear when you need to change your chain! If you do struggle to get to grips with how the tool works, there are some helpful instructions for you to use that are idiot proof. 

Moving on to value for money, at £5.99, it's a steal when you think about the damage you could possibly sustain from a chain snapping at the wrong time! 

So what are the Pros and Cons, well Pros are that it is easy to use and most of all it is cheap. Cons are that it should have a little whole in one end so that I can mount it on my tool board. 

All in all I would rate this product an 8.