Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

I have never used a chain wear indicator before and changing my chain has ended up being a costly experience and generally it has involved replacing the rings and cassette at the same time as I have left it too late. This takes the guesswork out of knowing when to replace the chain! Must remember to use it regularly though.

The packaging was universal and retained the tool very well whilst allowing access to view the product in detail without removal.

My initial impression was that of quality, well engineered professional tool. It had crisp edges eluding to accuracy.

When I was ready to check my bikes, I removed the tool from the packaging and popped it onto my chain. It was intuitive how it worked and I subsequently read the instruction to establish that my assumption of a worn out chain was correct.

Having checked the easy to understand instructions it was indeed clear that my chain needed replacing and I proceeded to check the other bike in the household (this is now looking like an expensive exercise) some of which were marginal and on my TT bike still lots of life left grin

I would definitely recommend this product as it not only saves and extends the life of the entire drivetrain, it can also be used to monitor the wear performance of various chains, I noticed that the life expectancy of my KMC chain was much less than a Shimano one!

At £5.99 it is within the reach of all cycling enthusiasts and could make a great gift too.

I rate this product at 8 out of 10 (critically unfairly) because when I used it, I found that I needed to spend more money and it could also be improved by laser etching the instructions to the tool itself and therefore eliminating the need to retain the packaging or paper sheet.