Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

My initial thoughts about the packaging are very good, as its not too much or too little and very easy to unpack! It will also look neat and tidy with the rest of the Cyclo tools range due to it matching the colours and look.

I've used two or three different chain wear indicators in the past and this is far the easiest. I've never needed instructions with any chain wear tool but the ones supplied are straight forward and easy to understand

As this is the second one of the cyclo tools I have, a couple of my friends are looking to liberate it from my tool board so I've not had to recomend it as they have seen how good it is already but I would have no doubts about recommending it to customers, family and friends!

The price point is very good value for a tool that will last and that does it's job very well!

Overall for £5.99 I would give it a 10/10

My only concern I have is that the "points" are quite sharp and can hurt if the tool isn't lying flat in a toolbox! But this is also the same "point" that makes it so easy to use!