Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Initial view of the packaging was good, I like to be able to see what i'm buying so I like the open view of the product. The rest of the packaging was clean and clearly stated what the product was in case people don't know. The only thing I might say is the packaging is quite dark so might not grab people’s attention if mixed in with other products.

I have used a chain wear indicator before from another company. This one is substantially better as it is easier to use, knowing this I would recommend this over the other. The reason I don't have one like this already and had another companies is because the other was half the price. We are not talking a substantial amount of money but to think of something being 'half' the price is something that obviously made me purchase the other one, not knowing that the slight different design would make it easier to use.

The Instructions are easy to follow as to how to check, though I wasn't sure if the instructions you gave me would have been with the product. Overall it's not a product that needs major instructions of use i.e. a picture on the packaging would probably be enough. The only thing I'd say about the instructions is to show the results and what they mean more clearly (as recommendations) as nothing is really mentioned about the 0.75% side. From what I already know if the 0.75% fits then you want to replace the chain fairly soon and if the 1% fits then replace immediately, yet on the instructions if the 1% does not drop then the chain is 'good'. I'm not sure how it is calibrated but if you are starting to use the 1% side then surely you are past the 0.75% which would mean the chain is not 'good,' as stated in your instructions, but is 'average' and may want to be replaced soon. Obviously this is hard as it's not a black and white subject and one persons 20 miles a week is different to another's 200 miles which changes the meaning of 'soon'.

Maybe this could be clarified on the product...instead of using the mathematical % elongation, simple wording might make it more fool proof...or shall we use the term more ergonomic? i.e. 'Replace' or 'worn / not worn'. I guess this is less international on the down side.

Another development thought I've just had, and I'm sure there must be a reason for it not being done already like that (doesn't fit?), is to only use one side of the indicator combining both together. This way you can have markings on the spike where needed, one line showing 0.75% when it drops further its beyond that until the last mark is 1%. Or similar with the universal green, orange, red. If you can see green above the chain all is good, orange (all green dropped below top of chain line) is change soon, red is change now. I think this would be the easiest indicator to use.

Overall this product deserves a 10/10 and is something all cyclists should have in their toolbox. It's easy to use (easier than other styles) and can save you money in the long run by preventing wear on other parts by letting you know when the chain has worn (elongated). Replacing a chain is cheaper than the whole drive train. I would recommend this product as one of the first items to purchase after all essential tools for everyday use. Having used this and others I would purchase this tool over other similar chain wear indicators on the market.