Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Finally got round to trying the Chain checker out. It's a great little gadget and fairly simple to use. Although 1.00 % and .75% marking system is a little tricky to explain to people. Perhaps have that and some like when the chain is ok have ok as well as 0.75% and when it's 1.00% say replace. To be honest it's a gadget for showing customers how worn their chain is which is quick and simple. I tend to use the old ruler/tape 12" trick so this 0.75/1.00% thing is a bit of an odd thing to get use to. 

I haven't used a chain checker before as I have mentioned but soon got the hang of it but as I say the marking and indication is a bit tricky to work out.

Shelf appeal it's easy to see what it is without being too showy and confusing so top marks there.

It would be tricky to use this tool/gadget without instructions and a slightly better explanation would make it easier to understand and use for novice or first time users of Chain checkers. I my case if someone explains something to me rather than having to read it I understand it better.

The Product is easy to use and not hard to show people how it works apart from the explanation pre mentioned.

Would I buy it? Probably if I understood the marking better. Recommend it to a friend. I think if it was something that would benefit them yes as there are more people trying to fix and check stuff themselves.

I have very little experience with this tool but endeavour to get more use to how it works and get a better understanding of how the markings relate to length.

£5.99 is a good price as it is a none wearing tool unlike Allen keys so it should be a long term investment and if it means keeping on top of chain life it's always good. 

Pro's - It is simple to use, nice and light and not cumbersome over overly technical.

Con's - It will take a while for me to get the 0.75 etc to match my method of checking chain wear. 

7-8 out of 10.