Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator

Packaging…I found the packaging to be slightly dull if I’m brutally honest, but it served a purpose and kept the component positioned as you would expect.

Instructions…I found the instructions very simple and easy to follow.

Price…I think it’s a very reasonable price for such an important and re-useable piece of kit.

To be perfectly honest with you, when I first saw the item I thought “what on earth do I need this for”, but when I rode Gisburn on Sunday (with a hangover) I thought I’d check my chain first.

All was well with the chain and the ride went un-hindered, how ever, after I’d descended the “roots” section and began the next climb, I came across a group of riders in distress. It turned out that one of them had a chain malfunction and was in need of a power link because one of the other links had split. I naturally offered any assistance and when I rode off I genuinely thought “maybe they should of checked the chain before setting off” or at least carry some extra links.

So all in all, would I have bought one, probably not. Would I now recommend others to buy one? Definitely!