Cyclo ‘Y’ Wrench Ball Ended Allen keys 4, 5 and 6mm AND Cyclo ‘Y’ Wrench Allen keys 2, 2.5 and 3mm

Another wonderfully wrapped delivery from Weldtite, this time my mission was to test the Cyclo mini Y wrench allen keys….

Straight away, I liked them, they looked well built without being bulky, and were fairly light. I first used them in the garage fitting some new bars and shifters… straight away the fact that the 4 and the 5 were together saved the old ‘where’s the 4, now I need the 5’ meaning I didn’t have to keep going back to the bench, the dual moulded grip was even quite comfortable in my mouth while I was fiddling with bolts!

Having the 2, 2.5 and 3mm together is genius, how many times I’ve spent ages looking for a 2mm in the toolbox, the fact these are together means the frustrating search is over when you are bleeding brakes! It’s a nice obvious shape, as opposed to fiddly little 2’s and 3’s on their own that get lost in the toolbox/garage/underneath the washing machine!

Ok, so not as compact as a multitool, but a hell of a lot more usable, proper length, good quality, and the ends don’t chew up like they are made of cheese after the first use!!! I’ve now taken the multitool out of my bag as I’ve figured having a tool you can actually use on the trail and in the workshop, is far more effective than a small shiny expensive thing that doesn’t really do much apart from look pretty!