Cyclo ‘Y’ Wrench Ball Ended Allen keys 4,5 and 6mm AND Cyclo ‘Y’ Wrench Allen keys 2, 2.5 and 3mm

The weekend before the long bank holiday and rumours of nice weather were circulating. Time to give the bike a good once over and to make sure it's ready for the sunshine. Starting at the top, I decided to give the headset a little TLC and a good clean up so off came the top cap... Only it didn't budge. 5mm standard Allen key slipped and that shine of twisted aluminum glinted in the bolt, oops. Next up on the bolt was the 5mm from my multi tool. Been stumpy and having a bigger grip surface it should do the job... Nope. Again it slipped and this time took most of the shape with it. Result, nicely round top cap bolt!
Forward on a few days and a couple of Cyclo Y wrench's appear on the doorstep. Perfect excuse to give the top cap another go! First thing you notice is the secure and comfortable feel in the hand, a very natural feel compared to the 'T' style wrenches. The ball end variety on the 4mm, 5mm, 6mm  I had definitely fit the slot well and felt incredibly solid with no flex. With the help of an old 6mm Allen, a hammer and a generous squirt of TF2 I managed to botch it enough to be able to use the 6mm cyclo ball end Y wrench to get enough purchase on the top cap and to get it to shift, leaving me to think that if I'd had a decent set of cyclo tools to start with then the top cap would never have rounded (also a lack of grease on the thread, lesson learnt).
The Cyclo 'Y' wrench (2, 2.5, 3) was up next to make a few fine adjustments to the cockpit and to slacken off the SPDs. Again, a very secure feel which seems impossible with single keys, especially when you start getting down to this size range. Everything fit well with zero slot movement and again, the shape and feel of the handle lent itself very well to getting extra purchase on the small bolts.
The only thing I noticed was a small amount of twisting on the 2mm and 2.5mm, but to be fair, without shortening, it would be hard to eliminate.

Excellent tools that have just made all those loose allen keys redundant!