Cyclo ‘Y’ Wrench Ball Ended Allen keys 4,5 and 6mm AND Cyclo ‘Y’ Wrench Allen keys 2, 2.5 and 3mm

My first impression after the initial excitement of new tools was that the set I was likely to use the most (4,5,6mm) was ball-ended, something I would usually avoid as they tend to round bolt heads. But I have been pleasantly surprised at how well they work and I can only put this down to the quality of the tools.

This weekend I re-fitted a set of forks to one of my bikes after they had been serviced and the two cyclo allen keys were pretty much the only tools I used, and definitely saved time over the constant swapping of single keys when adjusting the stem and controls on my bars. The rubber grips in-between the keys are a nice touch and help keep a good grip with oily hands.