Dirtwash G-strings and Bike Cleaner Spray (Grant Hill)

Dirtwash Bike Cleaner is Weldtite's spray-on 'washing' liquid. I've been using it for a month or so now, and been impressed with the results. First I'd give the bike a quick rinse to remove the thick mud, spray on the Dirtwash, leave for two mins and then rinse again. Crusted on mud and grime simply fell away with no scrubbing required, and I was left with a nice sparkly finish. Although it's not a degreaser, it also did a pretty good job of cleaning up my chains and cassettes. As I started running out of Dirtwash I decided to dilute it by 50% with water and it still produced good results (a bit less sparkle, but loads better than water and elbow grease alone).

Also provided for review was a five pack of the G-string cleaning strips. These stretchy pieces of fabric fit in-between cassette sprockets so that you can clean them with a see-saw motion (check out the video on the Weldtite website: http://weldtite.co.uk/products/detail/gstrings). While not quite as good as taking a cassette apart and attacking it with degreaser, the results were pretty good and it certainly took a lot less time. They were also handy for cleaning the awkward to reach places on my full suspension bike. One downside is that I didn't find the hooked ends very useful (maybe if they were a bit bigger?) and I was a bit nervous that they'd scratch paintwork (although they haven't yet). While I wouldn't consider the G-strings an essential piece of kit, they're pretty handy to have, especially if you like to keep your bike looking pristine.