Dirtwash G-strings and Bike Cleaner Spray (James Gould)

Let me open by saying that I’m never one to complain about dry trails, but it does make reviewing a bike cleaning spray difficult! Finally had some wet weather though (didn’t think I’d ever say that) giving me an opportunity to test the Dirtwash and G-Strings.

When testing the Dirtwash, the bike had a layer of fresh wet mud of the top of some dried on dirt. As a typical man, obviously, I didn’t bother to read the instructions… My application technique was pretty simple, give the bike a quick rinse to soften up the mud, spray on the Dirtwash and then a more thorough rinse. To rinse the bike I was using a 12-volt jet wash for cars – not going to town with a pressure washer! The first thing I noticed when applying the Dirtwash was that you could actually see the Dirtwash cutting through the looser wet mud and in some place on the downtube clumps of mud started to fall off!

After I had coated the bike in Dirtwash, the second rinse removed all the substantial mud from the frame. Once the bike had dried you could see that the Dirtwash had done a good job of removing the dried on dirt as well as the more obvious fresh mud. I will close by saying that you won’t often find me doing much more than a rinse to clean my bikes, as they never stay clean for long, but the Dirtwash did an excellent job – much cleaner than I’m used to… Just a shame the bike is covered in mud again now!

Onto the G-Strings, I’ve always been a big fan of G-Strings, but usually on women! Now I’ve got my childish joke out of the way, I can get onto my amazement with the amazingly named product! After I had Dirtwash-ed my bike, I looked at the cassette and thought that it was pretty clean, but thought I would give the G-strings a go anyway!

For what I would have considered a clean cassette I was amazed at how much dirt the G-strings managed to remove and how much cleaner the cassette looked afterwards. Initially I had a little trouble with the G-string snagging as I attempted to clean the cassette, I thought this might be down to the narrower spacing of my 10-speed setup. However, I soon discovered that I wasn’t stretching them enough before pulling them through the cassette, perhaps I should have read the instructions! Once I had overcome the snagging issue they were ridiculously easy to use and the results were very impressive.