Dirtwash G-strings and Bike Cleaner Spray (Jamie Robinson)

I’d been planning to clean the bikes up really good for some time in preparation for a trip to Coed-y-brenin in June, it seemed like the right time when receiving the Dirt Wash G-Strings and Dirt Wash Bike Cleaner Spray samples to review.

Having used Muc-Off for the majority of my cycling years, I was always going to be hard to please. So I decided to wash one bike with Muc-Off and the other with the Dirt Wash Bike Cleaner Spray. If I am totally honest it was hard to separate the two, with the Dirt Wash Bike Cleaner Spray coming out on top. There really wasn’t much difference in the two but the Dirt Wash seemed to get more dirt off after a soaking leaving me with very little in the way of scrubbing especially in those hard to reach nooks and cranny’s that are a pain to get to.

I then started having a go with the G-Strings. Up until now I have merely used a cloth or rag for cleaning out the cassette and bits that were hard to get to. The G-string has now taken over. These really handy little bits of elastic material are a wondrous idea and ever so easy to use, you will never have a muck filled cassette again!

To conclude, the Dirt Wash Bike Spray is worth every penny at £6.99 for the ordinary size bottle, which is competitively priced with the other popular bike cleaning sprays and does the same if not a little more than those bike cleaning sprays already on the market.

The G-Strings are an amazing idea that is so simple. However, just because it is a simple idea doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth getting. To the contrary every MTBer need these in there kit. Simple to use and very effective. Will be buying both products again!