Dirtwash G-strings and Bike Cleaner Spray (Jari-Matti Auttila)

Weldtite Dirtwash Bike Cleaning Spray

Unfortunately for testing the weather has been quite nice here. However, I did manage to get my bike all covered with mud the other day. Too bad I didn't have a camera at hand. That mud was clay based, and it sat hard on the bike. I took the Dirtwash spray bottle and sprayed the bike thoroughly with it. After a minute or so I took my brand new portable pressure washer and started spraying.

And that was it. All mud was gone, and the bike is clean. What can I say about it? Dirty bike + Dirtwash + rinse = clean bike. Then again, based on previous experiences, I expected nothing less.

Compared to other cleaners I have used during the years, Dirtwash has one advantage: it is completely washed away with water. Some others tend to leave a gray finish on the surface.

Weldtite G-strings

The first impression was that this is a hi-fi product, and I would never buy these. But, never the less, I started testing these. As I fixed some bikes, I found that cleaning sprockets with G-string is far easier than cleaning them with a brush. Brush cleans the visible surfaces guite well, and a clawed brush even gets between the gears. But it takes quite a while to get a sprocket completely clean with a brush. G-string gets immediately to the bottom, and cleaned the grime in seconds.

Also quite useful for cleaning fork stanchions, cantilever brake stubs and disc brake calibers!

One negative feature I found - It works really well with most of the sprockets I tested. But the sprocket must have a cylindrical core, otherwise the G-string will be stuck. This is what happens with SRAM sprockets. It works with first four gear gaps, but with the last five where there's no "body" in the sprocket, it doesn't. For example with Shimano SLX it is a perfect tool! I will definitely be getting more of these, and put some on my tool box onthe go.

I just simply have to add this alternative approach here... I had my military rehersals a while ago. My camo pants are a bit too long (or my legs are bit too short, depending from whom you are asking), so to get the pants to fold down over the shoe I have to use something what we call "särmäri" here. Normally, a rubber band is enough. But Weldtite G-strings took it to another level in comfort!Gear strings used on boots