Dirtwash G-strings and Bike Cleaner Spray (Rik Pickering)

Having used Muc Off for a long time I though nothing else was worth trying...so after a blast round Gisburn Forest I decided to leave my bike till the day after to clean so the mud was nice and dry.

I had it in my mind that seeing as the bike wash was acid free it was going to struggle abit. However, I didn’t need to scrub my bike at all and it came up just as clean as normal. On the plus side it’s got to be better for my bike parts and whatever excess goes down the drain hasn’t it? I used it again after riding a local route and was impressed again so I have decided as its priced really well and I get my bike looking mint I will be replacing it as my bike wash from now on.

I normally use a toothbrush to clean the cassette but the g strings are another great product from Weldtite that I’ll be using from now on-  it’s a simple product but really works.