Dirtwash G-strings (Hard tail nation)

Now we all know cleaning the cassette is a bit of a faff, even if you run Single speed. So those ever forward thinking folks at the weldtite/ Dirtwash house of ideas came up with these amusingly named G-Strings. Yes there are other similar products out there but these handy little strings are brilliant. They are elasticated so you can fit them in between the individual cogs without too much trouble. Also having diddy little hooks on them makes it easier to use. They do a great job of cleaning and can be washed/degreased and reused. They are also great for any tight or small space including chain devices, behind disc rotors, fork seals, and just about anywhere fiddly. At less than three and a half quid for five they should do for a good while.

There’s not much more you can say really. they should be part of anyone’s wash Kit. They are best used after you’ve washed your steed mind. I suspect with a little forward thinking and some degreaser they can be even more versatile.

I keep one in my Camelbak for those unexpected moments when you need to bodge a repair. The idea is they may work as a temporary mech spring or such like.

So there you have it. Another good idea thats cheap and useful.