Dirtwash G-strings (James Burrows)

The rather cheekily named G-strings are a new way to clean your drive train and other “hard-to-get-to” parts of your bike. The method of use is fairly simple; the elasticated string slides neatly between your gears or other bike parts and you can slide and wiggle the G-strings around to collect the dirt.

Using the G-strings with the Dirtwash bike cleaner spray is a nice little original way to clean all the grotty and delicate parts of your bike! The G-strings come in a pack of five with hooks on either end to attach to parts of the bike that enable the drive train to be turned such as the derailleur.

The G-strings do appear to, however, create a solution to a problem we never really had, like a Dyson hover, it does the job it sets out to do fairly well, but is it better than say a standard drive train brush? Probably not, as I did find it a little fiddly at times to attach the hook and the width of the string was a little too big to fit snuggly between my gears which, to be fair, are close ratio and can be well cleaned with a simple brush whereas a high ratio gear set may reap more benefits from the G-strings.

Overall, the G-strings are a nice alternative method to clean a drive train. It a simple and effective design and may appeal more to an audience that is fed up with the age old dirty brush or the grimy rag. I’m sure with practice and persistence I will get the hang of using G-strings and they will become an integral part of my tool box.