Hardtailnation tries Pure Bike Oil and Pure Wet Lube

Well you’ve cleaned your bike now you need to lube up all those cables and moving parts. This is where the next 2 offerings from the Pure range come in. Again both are made from natural ingredients and both are environmentally safe and friendly.

The Bike Oil is best for cables and the little pivots and moving parts on the mechs and shifters and on the brake levers too. It’s quite thin so be careful using it. But the handy little nozzle is good for fiddly places that can be a faff to reach. You can use it on the seals of the forks too to keep them safe and it works quite well on the chain. It drives out moisture and protects components very well. Even after a few washes  it still does it’s job really well. Because it’s thin it gets in to where it should. Ideal for drier conditions.

The Wet Lube is better on the chain and for when it gets proper filthy as it is thicker and resists water and washing etc much better. Again it repels moisture and keeps everything running really well. You don’t need a lot as a little does go quite some way. Even cleaning the drivetrain after isn’t too much of a hassle either. Just like theBike oil it does what it’s meant to do very well. I Would use it more for the colder wetter conditions as it is just a bit thicker.

Pure Wet lube and Bike Oil

£5.99 (150ml) – Bike Oil

£5.99 (100ml) – Wet Lube