Pure Bike Wash

Pure Bike Wash, an Eco Cleaner you say? I was a bit dubious as to just how well it would clean my work bike….not just the frame, but the drivetrain too, think wet salty ride, lube, wet salty ride, leave at station, repeat….that rusty grimey, ‘nothing short of some industrial solvent will shift this’ type of look…a challenge to say the least!

Image of Pure Bike Wash

I stripped chain, mech chainset and cassette and sprayed the PureBike Wash straight on and left it for a little while…then I filled a sink with warm water and added some Pure into it, and set to work, with the Dirt Wash Sprocket Cleaning Brush…..and wow, this stuff, REALLY WORKS..after a bit of scrubbing, all the parts were looking clean and workable again (unlike my hands and sink) So then I applied it onto the rest of the bike, filled a bucket and added some more Pure, and this time added some to the Dirt Wash Soft brush before scrubbing the frame….that really worked too, by adding the wash to the brush and having some in the water, all the greasy residue actually came off, rather than the brush getting gunked up and just spreading it around the frame, and it left the brush clean, as it degreased itself along the way.

In short, awesome bike wash, if it can clean my work bike, it can clean anything…mud? Go hide, Pure Bike Wash is coming…..and it's eco friendly, so if I want to wash my bike in the vegetable patch…I can.