Pure Dry Lube

Used in all conditions and this is the one I turned to more than any other. When applied to a clean chain it coated it and seemed to penetrate the links and had a sticky feel to it. But it remained clean in use and after two or three rides (120 -160 miles) still felt as though it had stayed on the chain and kept it running quietly. You could re apply and only need to remove the chain after a week to clean and re oil. Used on my mountain bike and found that it was still on the chain after mixed riding through water etc and did not collect a lot of dust/dirt unlike other dry lubes. Used last weekend at the Dyfi Enduro in Wales for 60k and the drive chain performed flawlessly.

This would be my wet, dry, all round chain lube year round.

Positives: very good lubricant silent drive chain keeps fairly clean after a weeks use very good for road.
Negatives: requires a clean chain before application