Red Devil puncture repair patches (Richard Behague)

A young lad approached me in the Cannock Chase car park bearing a rather deflated front tyre, and a rather upset expression. A 29er I may also add.

Do you have a puncture repair kit?”  he asked, “I certainly do matey!” I replied.

Without further ado his tyre was off, tube was out, puncture found and sealed, job done in less than 10 minutes, no waiting around for glue to go tacky, no grating chalk over the top so it doesn’t stick to the inside of the tyre. Perfect. It was also some pretty horrid conditions that day, so his tube ended up getting wet and grubby, the patch still stuck on great.

My riding partner then suffered a thorn puncture about half way round. Great - another chance to try these. Once again perfect performance, less hassle, more time riding.

So to conclude, these patches are great! No other way to describe them. Suitable for both 26 and 29 inch wheels, just need to find someone on 650B now and ‘accidently’ prod a hole in their tyre.