Red Devil puncture repair patches (Steven Green)

If like me you are of a certain age you will remember puncture outfits were HUGE, the tube was the size of a family tube of Toothpaste, a sheet of sand paper that always took the skin off your knuckles, and as for the patch ... 10x8 inch square of black rubber which you cut to size with kitchen scissors.

You then had the French chalk to dust over the patch, which always peeled itself off after an hours ride. Then came the patches with the feathered edges which were better as they didnt come adrift and at least looked half decent and not at all Heath Robinson (Google him!).

Now we have these beauties ...Weldtite RED DEVILS are ace!  As an Assistant Ride Leader for Sky Ride Locals (Google them too), I always carry the basics - chocolate, cash, chocolate, puncture outfit, chocolate, pump and some sweets. Two days after receiving these patches I rode on the Kingfisher Trail in Bolton and one of our participants had a puncture.  After explaining why I was smiling and jumping for joy, he let me repair his innertube, 7 minutes from 'oh cr@p a flat' to 'right lets catch 'em up' not bad at all and to top it off, the tyre held 45psi for the next 3 hours of off road riding ... all in all 10/10 couldn't fault them and if I’d have been carrying a few packs, I could have sold them as other riders were impressed too.