TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Bob Embleton)

I was chuffed to receive the bottle of TF2 all weather performance lubricant. The first thing I noticed was that it came in a clear plastic bottle which was great so I could see exactly how much oil was in the bottle. A lot of bottles are in a thick plastic so you can’t tell how much oil you’re getting for your money and there’s a decent nozzle and cap too so no searching for a sharp knife!

I gave my bike a good wash and clean then I set to oiling my bike with TF2. Feeling it between my  thumb and finger,  it felt like a good quality lubricant and the green colour helped me see where the oil was on my gears and derailleur - I was surprised to see how little of the oil I  had used when finished.

I used it on every part of my bike then took it for a decent 30 mile run on the trans Pennine trail on a dry, sunny day - out on the ride, my bike was so smooth and quiet on gear changes and when I got back, I checked the cassette, derailleur and chain to see if there was a build-up of dirt but was I surprised and impressed to see very little grime on them.

But I thought maybe that was too easy so I took it out a few days later in the rain and this had the same results - once I cleaned the mud off my bike, I could still see traces of the oil - which was well good.

I certainly will carry on using this oil and it will be a good buy for me from now on.

(Ps I even thought of using it on the wife’s knees)